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11 June 2018

Broads Authority CO2 Warning

The Broads Authority is reminding boaters to ensure they take appropriate measures to protect themselves, passengers and others from the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO2).

An incident on the Broads over the weekend highlighted the way in which carbon monoxide can accumulate aboard boats and quickly pose a significant danger.

Steve Birtles, Head of Safety Management said:

“Thankfully in this case no lives were lost but it is a very timely reminder as the summer approaches and more of us take to the water.”

“We are all familiar with the benefits of smoke detectors and we strongly recommend that carbon monoxide detectors are also fitted, tested and maintained to help save lives. You can buy a CO detector for marine use from most DIY stores, chandleries or even from the Broads Authority for just a few pounds”

“Having a working carbon monoxide detector is just one measure that can help. People should also familiarise themselves with the sources of carbon monoxide such as petrol engine exhausts, solid fuel stoves and fuel burning appliances such as gas cookers. These must be well maintained and good ventilation is needed. The first symptoms of CO poisoning are headaches, stomach pain, feeling sick, dizzy, tired or disorientated and these can escalate very quickly. If you suspect that you are affected by CO it is important to take the following measures. Turn off engines and any other sources of CO, get people away from the boat into fresh air as quickly as possible and call the emergency services on 999 or on Channel 16 of your radio. If you are located at a Broads Authority 24 hour mooring the sign there will contain a postcode or grid reference which you can give to emergency services.

The Boat Safety Scheme has issued lots of very helpful information and a comprehensive leaflet on Carbon Monoxide safety.

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