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06 May 2020

Lockdown Boat Buying Advice

It goes without saying that buying your first boat is an exciting prospect, and what better way to spend your time, especially in the current climate of Social Distancing. However before you rush in, there are a series of questions you should consider asking yourself, in order to make the right decision.

What is your budget? 

One big factor that will determine what you can and can’t afford is opting for a new or used boat. You may wish to buy a new boat that is a waiting blank canvas, or choose from a high class selection of used boats. With this in mind, if your budget is leaning away from Superyachts, you will have more scope for choice amongst used boats and a larger range of instantly available craft to choose from.

Either way, prior to looking at the Sunseeker website, set a budget. This way, you can filter your search selection to only show boats under and up to your budgeted amount. Whatever your boating budget, we can pretty much guarantee there’s always something bigger and more expensive out there!

What type of trips do you plan to make?

Owning a boat brings a unique freedom in the sense that you can navigate multiple inland and coastal waters throughout the UK and Europe. It may take a few different experiences before you decide which is for you. The NYA Cruising Club may be able to help there. Join one our many supported cruises and visit quaint fishing ports along the East Coast, St Katherine’s Dock and the River Thames or cruise with us in Belgium and Holland.

Whether you prefer the inland waterways, coastal cruising or a simply want somewhere to relax afloat, this will help to narrow down your choices. 

For example; 

  • A low air draft vessel will gain you access to all corners of the Norfolk Broads, and a boat with an aft cockpit arrangement usually provides a good outside social area or space for fishing. 
  • Coastal skippers would need to need to consider the range of the craft, fuel capacities and availability. ‘Seakeeping’ the characteristics of craft at sea start to play a part in your decisions. A small Speedboat will definitely not be comfortable offshore in rough seas, but it would be ideal for water skiing and wake boarding.
  • If your boating trips are likely to consist of relaxing holidays that don’t include adrenalin, choose a boat that is spacious and comfortable, or fuel efficient with low running costs, or simply enjoyable to be aboard.

Is there an ideal manufacturer for first time buyers? 

Probably not! Choosing one recommended manufacturer for first time buyers is a difficult task and, in most cases, will depend entirely on how you answered the questions above or which boat you’re naturally drawn to. 

Nonetheless, some of our favourite manufacturers to suggest to first time buyers include Haines, and Broom. We have many used broom boats for sale in our marinas, and are one of the UK’s most trusted brokers of the manufacturer since they stopped production in 2018. We have both new and used Haines boats for sale.

Even with these suggestions, we always advise customers to go with their instinct. As long as it is within your budget and complements what you wish to use it for, sometimes an impulse decision is the best decision you could make. 

Who do we talk to?

In most cases, we’d always recommend a first time buyer visits us – unless you’re absolutely certain on which boat you’ll be investing in – you may consider options that you previously weren’t aware of, or you may find the boat you had your heart set on may not be quite right for the use you’d intended. However we’re only too happy to arrange a video viewing via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype or Messenger. We’re able to live call aboard the boat by appointment or send you a tailored video walk though of any of our craft. 

If there is ever any doubt about whether you’re making the right decision, we would always suggest you call us and arrange a visit when it becomes appropriate, observing the up to the moment social distancing and health guidelines.

If a boat on our website has taken your interest and you’d like to find out more simply call our Brundall office on 01603 713434 or Horning on 01603 211033, or email

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