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11 June 2020



During April this year it would have been hard to predict the surge in boat sales that was about to emerge in May ….. although in some ways perhaps not?

Many people have had a good chance to reflect on their family time over the lockdown, and how they might like to spend it in the future. There are few leisure activities quite so family friendly as boating. There’s clearly a big question mark over flying and foreign holidays currently.

The result across the country is that dealers are reporting a surge of interest. That’s certainly been the case at both NYA’s offices.

Working with a reduced sales team to assist social distancing within our offices we’ve agreed the sale of a staggering 32 boats in May, with June starting in much the same vein.

The issue we face now is a real shortage of good quality stock.

We’re eagerly looking forward to the lifting of stay aboard restrictions expected in early July, which in turn should see the NYA Cruising Club’s season get fully underway ……… appropriately socially distanced of course!