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11 May 2021

Our NYA Lockdown Wishlist

With the UK lockdown restrictions being lifted steadily, the small enjoyments from our lives prior to Covid-19 seem less of a distant dream and something we can plan into our futures. Naturally, the topic of many people’s conversations is about what they’re looking forward to most in the next few months. The team at Norfolk Yacht Agency have discussed and put together a list of what they’re anticipating with each restriction that is lifted.

It’s hard to imagine a time when the feeling of that fresh, brisk air and independence as you navigate to the open water was familiar, but for most of our team, this is a feeling they know all too well and look forward to. As well as captaining our own craft, many of our team are awaiting reunions with friends and family who are often companions on board.

However not all plans are boating related, a good deal of our employees have something a little more adventurous planned.

One for the adventurous type

Let’s start with our Sales Manager at the Horning office, Chris Cooper. Whilst water activities were put on hold throughout lockdown, Chris has been focusing on his other hobby, cycling. Having cycled from London to Paris in 2019, Chris has decided that he would like to take part in another cycling event such as the Paris Roubaix, the Etape du Tour, Land End to John O’Groats and/or a big social ride with some friends. Either way, Chris is eager to jump on his bike and go the distance, whether it be a solo ride or as a non-competitive peloton.

Sticking with alternative hobbies, Boat Broker Jason Harper is looking forward to taking part in one of his more thrill-seeking pastimes this summer. In particular, Jason is looking forward to unpacking his Paraglider for the X-Lakes, an extreme hike and fly competition in the Lake District. I think the rest of us will sit this one out and are more than happy to cheer from the side lines this summer, good luck Jason!

It’s the small things that matter

Indeed, we’re not all planning adrenaline filled pursuits; the majority of our team simply can’t wait to spend time with their loved ones again.

Kevin Pilkington, also known as Northern Kev, is a Valeter for Norfolk Yacht Agency and says he’s “itching to catch up with his family up North”. Having spent several months away from them, Zoom calls and family quiz nights just aren’t quite cutting it anymore and we don’t blame him!

Lastly, Mark Suckling who is widely known as Speedo, can’t wait to finally take his boat up to the Waterside restaurant in Bramerton for an evening out with his family and friends. A home from home for Speedo and his loved ones.

Although in the past these may have been only small happenings, if there’s anything this last year has taught us, these are the events that keep our worlds spinning and make us feel most like ourselves.

At Norfolk Yacht Agency, we’re extremely excited for the future and coming months, not only for our own lives to return to normal but also to get back to what we do best. Greeting our customers at the marina, showing them round the boats we have available, helping them to find the craft most suited to their lifestyle, and holding our Cruising Club events.

Now you know ours, we’d love to hear what’s on your lockdown wish list?

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