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17 March 2021

What Can You Do and When on Your Boat

With spring around the corner and brighter days ahead of us, we’re pleased to share the following government guidelines with you. The past year can only be described as turbulent, and like many, we’re just as excited as you about traveling the waterways as soon as possible. 

So, what does this mean for boat owners and private chartering? Below we will explain when these restrictions are expected to be lifted in line with the steps provided by the Government as per their ‘Roadmap to Recovery’. 

1a. 8th March – Stay Local

As of the 8th March 2021, the Government began cautiously easing restrictions which now includes some boating activity. Whilst practicing requirements to stay local and minimise time spent away from home, private boating on an open air boat is permitted as recreation for a single household and their support bubble. If you’re fortunate to live local to your boat – by this we mean in the same village, town or part of the city where your boat is docked – then you can cruise along the waterways.

Additionally, until the 29th March 2021 you may leave home to secure your boat, if you suspect it to be a risk of harm or injury to others. However, you should not stay longer than is necessary to secure this. Boats used for professional activities can be assessed by the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) examiners to conduct safety examinations where necessary to renew or obtain a BSS certification. 

1b. 29th March – Minimise Travel

As the roadmap to recovery progresses, come the 29th March 2021, restrictions will begin to ease with private boating permitted for recreational use with a caveat to stay local and minimise travel. For vessels that are enclosed, restrictions are maintained to only be used by a single household and/or support bubble. However if your vessel is open air, providing social distancing can be maintained, then up to six people or two households are allowed. 

Boat owners local to their vessels are permitted to travel to their boats for general maintenance, assuming you can follow appropriate social distancing when there.

2. April 12th at the Earliest

Providing the above steps go to plan, the earliest date that overnight stays for single households and/or support bubbles will be permitted is the 12th April 2021. You may also stay overnight for maintenance purposes should this be necessary. 

From this date we plan to reopen our sites for customer visits, in compliance with the social distancing measures, viewings in single households or support bubbles will be permitted (this is subject to change). Should this date become official closer to the time, this is the perfect opportunity to view boats for sale in preparation for when you can mix with another household and travel further afield.

You will also be allowed to hire our private charter cruisers, indeed limited to your household and support bubble, but allowing you the chance to enjoy the luxury of a relaxed boating experience with all the pleasures of a premium cruiser.

If you’re looking for a beautiful and tranquil experience of the Broads without the commitment of ownership, you will once again be allowed to hire one of our luxury private charter boats. We look forward to welcoming you back to our idyllic waterways! 

3. May 17th at the Earliest

All the above rules continue to apply and provided the Government don’t make any announcements to counteract this next step, up to six people or two households will be permitted to mix indoors on boats and on enclosed vessels from 17th May 2021. 

Similarly to the above, you will also be able to experience a boating holiday on the Broads with up to six people or two households. The perfect opportunity to catch up with friends or family whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Norfolk Broads.

4. June 21st at the Earliest

Should everything go to plan, from June 21st 2021 there will no longer be any restrictions for all activities. A date we understand many of our customers are looking forward to.

Broken down into four stages, this ‘Roadmap to Recovery’ has installed a light at the end of the tunnel for many people and businesses, us included. These dates are subject to change should anything worsen and as always further advice can be found on the Government’s website. For more information regarding traveling by boat during the next few months visit the Broads Authority website:

As always, thank you to all our customers for their support and patience throughout the last year and we look forward to seeing you at our marina and cruising club events again soon.

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