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10 December 2020

Why Do We Need to Winterise Our Boats Each Year?

A question that we are asked regularly this time of year. So, why do we need to winterise our boats each year? The simple answer is: to protect them from damage that the cold winter months can cause whilst we are sat snug in our warm homes contemplating that next glass of wine…

As most of you are no doubt already aware, boats are susceptible to damage caused by freezing temperatures. This is particular relevant for the engine(s), domestic water system, toilets and sea cocks which are all prone to damage, resulting in expensive repair bills! It only takes consistent minus
temperatures before damage can start to occur.

What can suffer and how?
Your domestic water is likely to be the first system to suffer, with damage such as burst pipes, cracked taps or tanks being the most common. Still at least this won’t cost the several thousand pounds a replacement engine block could cost! The cold weather can potentially have a detrimental effect on the fuel in your tanks. If the tanks are only part filled then you can experience condensation build up. Now a dehumidifier will certainly help with keeping the cabin dry, but it won’t help the fuel tank! So the best course of action will be to fill the tanks to minimise that condensation build up. Let’s be honest we don’t want our first job in the spring to be draining water from our fuel tanks!

What should I do?
Keeping your boat warm and dry by fitting heaters and dehumidifiers is a start but.. Don’t purely rely on your heaters, if you do then what happens if your shore power trips or you run out of electric credit? Ultimately the safest option is to drain all the water systems, fill your fuel tanks, add antifreeze to the toilets and make the engine/exhaust system safe. Boats need to be prepared for the winter, if you have are unsure about how to do this effectively and safely then get help from your local service centre or independent engineer! Don’t leave it to chance.

To help we have listed some local engineers and their details below: –

Mark Weatherley (07825)957917
Tom Brissenden (07901)711152
Shaun Partridge (07387)618681
Alex Fraser (07768)003948
Gary Allcock (07557)37607
Mark Platten Ignition Marine (07799)118081
French Marine (Volvo Dealer) (01603)722079
NYA Service Centre (01603)211040

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