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Customer Stories

For The Love Of Boats

Read our customers stories about their passion for boating.

Falcon 27 first boat
My first boat: Chris’s Falcon 27

Chris Cooper has been NYA’s sale manager since 2003, after joining the company in 1998. Having grown up messing about on the Norfolk Broads, he bought his first boat at…

Cleopatra 30 first boat
My first boat: James’s Cleopatra 30

It may not have been the best, the biggest, or the most reliable, but we all remember our first boat. We’d love to hear your early boating memories, so to…

Boating bolt-hole on the rivers of tranquility

It’s often said that the pace of life moves slower in Norfolk. And slower still on the Norfolk Broads, the county’s most famous asset – a vast network of rivers…

Tragedy spurred Penny and Wal to realise boating dream

When Penny Wallace’s parents passed away within three weeks of each other in 2013, it left a huge hole in her life and an unsettling sense of restlessness. Her father,…

Boating provides “pure happiness” for Gregory family

Eleanor loves the rainbows conjured in the sea spray on a sunny day. Little brother Ben likes the adventure but claims the bumpy seas make him feel sick. Dad Sean…

Life on the water keeps John and Valerie young at heart

It’s no exaggeration to say that the 43-foot Queen V has given John a new lease of life. The 79-year-old was recovering from surgery in 2012 and facing a long…

Boating on the Broads an all-year-round wonderland for Graham and Debbie

To most people, the Norfolk Broads is a place for the summer, for long days on tranquil waters under broad skies. But Graham and Debbie Eames love spending time on…

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